Given the unique monetary policy framework

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steroids drugs 9MbAbstractThis thesis analyses the response of aggregate and sectoral stock returns to monetary policy announcements and inflation in the United Kingdom. Given the unique monetary policy framework, the monetary policymaking process and inflation target of the United Kingdom are different from other countries in many aspects, investigating the UK case could add international evidence to the current literature. This thesis contains three main parts: (i) monetary policy and stock returns, examining the impact of monetary policy announcements on stock returns and stock market volatility under different monetary policy regimes, especially before and after the independence of the Bank of England in 1997; (ii) inflation and stock returns, investigating the issues whether common stocks are a hedge against inflation in short, medium and long term and under different inflationary economies and regimes; (iii) corporate financing mix and inflation exposure, testing how corporate financing mix affects the exposure of common stocks to inflation. steroids drugs

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